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Cascara Blend - Miss Bliss

Cascara Blend - Miss Bliss

Coffee plants provide us with coffee fruits. We take the seeds out of those coffee fruits and roast those seeds. Roasted seeds, known as roasted beans, are ground, brewed, and consumed. But the flesh and skin of the coffee fruits are often discarded as green waste, which pollutes 100 litres of fresh water per cup. We realized that coffee fruits were dried and brewed just like tea and consumed by people many years ago. It was and is called cascara tea. But the concept never took off, just like how we enjoy brewed coffee now. So we created delicious Coffee Fruit Tea Blends from carefully and artisanally processed coffee fruits.

Miss Bliss was curated for those who like to take a chill pill and enjoy quiet downtime and have a good sleep.

Ingredients: Dried Coffee Fruit Skin, Vervain, Chamomile

Weight: 60g

Brew guide: Use it just like black tea, 1 - 2 tsp for 1 cup boiling water. Steep for 5 - 8 minutes. Enjoy hot or cold.


    संबंधित उत्पाद