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Coffee Filter - Rain-fed Handmade Desi Cotton
  • Coffee Filter - Rain-fed Handmade Desi Cotton

    We are introducing our revolutionary eco-friendly and sustainable cotton filters! Designed by Praveen, a passionate sustainability strategist and coffee enthusiast, these filters were created in 2020 to align with his unwavering ethical values. Unlike filters made from virgin paper, which contribute to deforestation, we are proud to offer a more responsible alternative. Cotton, when not cultivated traditionally and naturally, can also have detrimental effects on the environment. We use these sustainable materials in the production process to incorporate our commitment to rain-fed, desi cotton, and khadi clothing into the coffee filter. By doing so, we ensure that our filters align with our ethical and functional excellence values.
    After years of rigorous testing and refinement, we are thrilled to present the most ethical and functional cotton coffee filters on the market. Join us in our mission to minimize pollution and carbon emissions caused by disposable single-use coffee filters. Make a confident and exciting choice for a sustainable future with our eco-friendly cotton filters!

    • Material Details

      These handcrafted cotton coffee filters are made from organic, rain-fed, heirloom, and desi cotton grown naturally without any chemicals; harvested and hand-spun, hand-woven, un-dyed, and manually tailored. The cotton fabric is produced in India by Tula - an organization reviving artisan skills in the cotton industry.

      Tüla is a not-for-profit social enterprise that brings you garments from Indian (desi) cottons organically grown by smallholder, rainfed farmers, with the yarn hand spun by skilled khadi/khaddar workers and coloured with natural dyes where required with expert guidance, the fabric woven on handlooms by master weavers, the garments stitched by women and men from economically and socially marginalized groups. When you support Tüla, their just/fair trade sense has touched more than 6 livelihoods. Read more about them:

    • Care Instructions

      These are crafted to last for 1 - 2 years. Always clean your filters immediately with only water after use and dry them thoroughly before storage. Once in a while, when you feel it needs a deep cleaning, soak it in hot water with baking soda, rinse thoroughly and dry it before storage. Never use detergent or soap to clean the filters.

    • Brew Guide

      Use this filter with your favourite pour-over set. We also like to use these for filtering out our french-press and cold brews for that extra clarity!


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