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I have been practicing photography as a part-time profession since 2012. However, a life-changing event occurred in 2019 when I discovered the powerful impact of coffee on the world’s forests. As a tropical plant, coffee can either positively or negatively affect the rich tropical forest biodiversity, including the lives of birds, animals, insects, plants, mushrooms, and indigenous people. Since then, I have dedicated my life to using coffee and conservation photography as a force to protect remaining old-growth forests and influence the global economy to reforest deforested lands. Although I have the willpower to do the necessary work, I realized I need funding to work efficiently. Therefore, whenever I am in Canada, I raise funds for my expeditions primarily by offering pet photography services and rarely food and yoga photoshoots. We’re passionate about solving the climate crisis, minimalism, sustainable food system, nature, and art. We try our best to walk the talk by quitting a highly paid capitalistic job, running small social enterprises, supporting permaculture farms, buying local, riding a bike to work, travelling in our electric car (named Orca), wearing the same set of clothes for years, eating climate-friendly food, and offsetting our emissions. Every penny we earn through our professional service fee is spent to create positive impacts on people and nature.

- Praveen Ponraj

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