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Conscious Planet | A poetry on mindful living

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

A Poetry on Mindful Living. The earth loves us and constantly shows in different forms like this pebble.
A Conscious Planet

Conscious Planet | A Poetry ON Mindful Living

What is that your head filled with?

A tendency to kill and build myth?

Have you noticed the recent hot breeze?

Well, maybe because you destroyed my trees.

Don’t beseech the Gods,

For I have created all odds.

Reverent silence I have kept,

To study the various intercept.

No longer can I take this menace,

As it is time to recompense.

All deeds man has ever done to me,

Was to demolish everything he could see.

I did make some keepers,

Whose hearts are fragile yet strong like creepers.

For they will be the warriors that cherish,

And check on the list of ‘to perish’.

Follow only the nature’s way,

So that you don’t have to pay.

Be little children of the Earth,

For I am thy Mother from birth.



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