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Our very own artisan project to tell the world loud and clear that Competition Coffee does not have to be climate-unfriendly

There are three types of coffee produced and consumed worldwide: commodity, specialty, and competition (sorted in order of increase in quality, uniqueness, and transparency. When Praveen was looking for Competition Coffees that meet climate-friendly standards, he couldn't find one. Environmental and social issues are often ignored and/or often compromised to produce high-quality Competition Coffee in the Global Coffee Value Chain. To challenge the status quo, Praveen, initiated Project Ambrosia. Beyond meeting Climate Wave Coffee's strict standards for climate-friendliness, all crafted coffee beans from Project Ambrosia are super artisanal. 




Each jar of coffee beans is traced back to the harvest date and small piece of land within a coffee farm

Selectively Hand-Picked Fruits

Only the fully-ripe high-brix coffee fruits are selectively hand-picked.


There are more than 60 different varieties of coffee, each offering unique flavour characteristics.

Uniform bean size

Nature provides coffee beans of all shapes and sizes; however consistent roasting happens only when all the beans roasted at a time in a roasting machine are all the same size. Each roast batch is sieved for size uniformity.

Negligible coffee defects

There are many types of coffee defects, including insect infection, foreign particles, fungal infections, shells, broken beans, etc. Each defect offers either bitter, sour, or papery flavour notes. At Project Ambrosia, only nature's best beans are hand-picked before roasting.

Roasted meditatively in nano batches

Coffee roasting can be automated, but Praveen prefers his intuition over automation. Each roast batch is less than 1 kg in size and is roasted meditatively, relying purely on colour changes and aroma development. 

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