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That Sustainable Projects

We design for sustainability!

We use our skills to help ethical businesses and reinvest our income to fund ethical companies, which means limited opportunities. The only way we could make our living by walking the talk is to expand our revenue streams. Now you know why we have so many projects. Each project is born at an intersection of our skills, pain points, passion, and the intention to do something good. When you choose to support our projects, you are choosing to strengthen a sustainable economy.

Zero To Go

Circular Economy has always been our goal in any business. Reducing food waste is one of the main effective climate solutions. That is why we have come up with amazing products that help reduce coffee waste in the coffee value chain. We also embrace a low waste lifestyle and wanted to offer products without single-use disposable packaging. Hence we stared roasting small-batch specialty coffees and sell them zero-waste without any pouches and labels. Zero To Go is a big idea where we started implementing small changes.

Panda Creative Company

Monica, a botanist and artist, found fulfillment in drawing nature. Whenever she traveled, the landscapes inspired her to create beautiful illustrations and preserve her experiences. One of her favorite subjects is botanical illustrations. Panda Creative Company was founded based on Monica's passion for art and nature. Currently, she is focusing on trees that are significant in tropical biodiversity. Through her artwork, she aims to raise awareness of the impact these trees have on conservation and forest protection. Trees are truly marvelous, aren't they? Take a look at how their beauty can be captured on paper and preserved on land.

Project Ambrosia

Project Ambrosia curates high-quality competition-grade coffee beans for individuals who appreciate art and mindfulness. When Praveen wanted to experience the nuances of various coffee lots and varietals, he couldn't find one that met his Climate Wave Standards. As an artistic character, he ventured into roasting competition coffee using the finest sources in compliance with sustainable measures. Ambrosia means an elixir of life and something very pleasing to taste. That is precisely what we want to offer those who love art and high-quality coffee experiences. Check out our current offerings and expand your taste buds through coffee.

Slow Coffee House

Say hi to our pandemic baby. This was our passion project while stuck in Chennai because of lockdowns and restrictions. We wanted a sweet escape from all the chaos happening around us. So decided to create a safe space to express ourselves while sharing art in the form of food, beverage, and inspiring stories. Slow Coffee House is not your typical coffee run, but rather a secret encounter in the happening heritage town of Triplicane. Our community is for mindful individuals who vibe with our thoughts and honor art in its creative best rather than judgment. This humble space was also a tribute to our friend Anu who passed away in a forest fire. Anu was an artist, animal therapist, and psychologist who guided us through tough times. The space holds some of her cherished artworks and light.

Earth and Associates

Formerly known as Vyugam, we have been offering sustainable strategies to ethical and value-driven businesses since 2017. After working for Boeing for several years as a Team Lead and graduating with a Master of Global Management, Praveen emerged as a professional in business management and strategies. Praveen is also a certified PMP (Project Management Professional) who unleashes his skills through Earth and Associates, providing services like Branding, Problem Solving, Advisory, and Consulting. Monica is a sustainability specialist and technically sound with a Master's in Ecology and Environmental Science. As a dedicated environmentalist, she offers solutions to make brands more eco-friendly and ethical. If you'd like an inclusive leader to help you establish your dream venture or solve some sustainability challenges, Praveen and the team is just a click away.

Sea & Me

This is one of our earliest projects that was born in 2018 after Monica's father passed away. She wanted to become an entrepreneur and also overcome her depression by expressing herself through handcrafting truly sustainable personal care products. This project has empowered other women going through similar challenges and helped them create mind space for healing while protecting you and the ocean. Sea & Me operates in India only and currently sells a variety of soaps, scrubs, and other zero-waste items. 

Climate Wave Coffee

Praveen developed a passion for coffee in 2019 and set on an expedition to coffee farms, roasting units, and cafes in India. Our initial plan was to bring back amazing coffee to Canada. but Covid happened. Being stuck back in India, we decided to launch Climate Wave in 2020 - 1st of October - World Coffee Day. Since then we have been selling artisanally roasted beans nationwide.  Our signature small-batch cold brew and many uniquely created beverages made with Climate Wave Certified Coffee were served at Slow Coffee House in Chennai. In 2022 we returned to Canada and brought Climate Wave here. Now we have established Climate Wave as a global movement to transform coffee farms into coffee forests through our certification programs.

Net positive Photography

Many of you might know that Praveen is also a professional photographer. He began his photography journey in 2012 in Chennai and did lots of weddings and events and also volunteered his skills for non-profits. He aspires to become a wildlife photographer because he loves being in the forest. As a fundraiser for that dream, he decided to do pet photography for clients wherever he lives. Currently, he is in Vancouver Island so his services are available here.  If you have cute pets and would like to create memories with them, feel free to book with Net Positive Photography.

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