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Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

Specialty grade, single-varietal, natural process, Maracaturra coffee beans produced by Los Pinos Organic Farm from Matagalpa, Nicaragua. Light roasted using 100% renewable energy by coffee artist Praveen in our single-use plastic-free roasting studio on Vancouver Island. It is a Certified Climate Wave Coffee which helps capture 300g of greenhouse gases per cup of coffee. Since coffee tasting is subjective, we strive for inclusivity. Our community of coffee drinkers tasted this coffee and contributed their tasting notes as velvety smooth, creamy tropical fruits, and dominating floral aroma.

  • forest of origin

    Farm/Farmer: Los Pinos Organic Farm

    Altitude: 1450 MASL

    Region: Matagalpa

    Country: Nicaragua

    Ethics: Certified Climate Wave


    We were in India between the end of 2019 and the middle of 2022, understanding the social and environmental injustices currently happening in the Global Coffee Value chain from the perspective of farmers and farm workers. As soon as we came back to Vancouver Island, we began our search to find some delicious coffees for us to enjoy. That's when we found Fix Coffee Roasters selling coffee beans from Byron Corrales of Los Pinos Organic Farm at Esquimalt Farmers Market. We loved the taste of it, but we wanted to know whether the coffee is climate-friendly or not. So we did our research and got in touch with Sara Corrales, daughter of Byron Corrales, via email. We were so happy to learn about their commitment to protecting the forest through sustainable farming techniques. Coffees from Los Pinos Organic Farms are grown under the shade of trees in a biodiversity-rich forest environment. They offer certified-organic coffees, and they don't pollute the river streams. This makes their coffee Certified Climate Wave Coffee, and they help capture 300g of greenhouse gases per cup of coffee. Soon after, Sara introduced us to Ryan of La Finca Distribution. Unlike many commercial distributors, Ryan doesn't keep secrets about the origin and works hard to help specialty coffee producers of Nicaragua reach Canadian roasters. Everything worked out well, and we are now able to roast Los Pinos Organic Farm's Certified Climate Wave Coffee and sell it to our supporters like you.

  • genus coffea

    Yay! This is a Single-Varietal Coffee. Add this to your coffee collection.


    Coffee species: Arabica

    Varietal / Sub-species: Maracaturra

  • coffee fruit to green bean process

    Process: Selective Naturals

    Lot type: Whole lot

    Size: Bulk

    Quality: Specialty


    Our specialty-grade coffees adhere to the rigorous quality standards established by the SCA. They are free of defects such as Quakers, which can impart papery and peanut-like flavors, disrupting the coffee's natural profile. Additionally, we meticulously screen for other defects like berry borers, undeveloped beans, and fungal infections through multiple-stage quality assessments, ensuring that only the finest beans with their original characteristics intact are selected.

  • green beans to roasted beans

    Landed cost of green beans: $17.69 CAD / KG

    Green beans import partner: La Finca Distribution

    Roasting studio location: Victoria

    Roasting facility description: Single-use plastic free

    Roasting fuel: Induction, 100% renewable energy

    Roast Degree: Light


    We go beyond fair-trading. We add meaning to Support Local movement. We take pride in our role in the coffee industry, which has historically championed the fair trade movement and is now embracing pricing transparency. We are among the few coffee professionals worldwide who openly share the landed cost of our green beans. We believe that this transparency in pricing will empower the hardest workers in the global coffee value chain—farmers and farm workers—by granting them financial independence and helping them overcome poverty. Additionally, it encourages fair pricing, ensuring consumers are not excluded from the "fair trade" equation. Keeping profit-margin a secret strengthens capitalism and perpetuates unequal distribution of wealth. Conversely, transparency in pricing not only fosters fair trade between farmers and roasters but also benefits coffee consumers. We see this commitment to transparency as a crucial step toward achieving justice and equality for all involved.



    We are proud to be pioneers in single-use plastic-free coffee roasting operations. We receive green coffee beans in reusable bags and store them in reusable containers such as bags and boxes. Plastic labels are not used to identify the coffee beans in our bins. Roasted beans are also stored in reusable containers. We undertake these practices to lead by example. The success of our business model serves as an open case study, available for global entrepreneurs seeking inspiration to adopt sustainable practices.

  • from roastery to you

    Delivery and Pickup Options:

    1. Zero-emission, free delivery within the Greater Victoria region. Or,
    2. pick it up at our artisan roasting studio inside Green Cuisine Cafe at 560 Johnson Street, Victoria, BC, in Market Square on Fridays: 8:30AM to 10:30 AM, Saturdays: 11 AM to 1:30 PM, and Sundays: 11 AM to 1:30 PM. Or,
    3. flat-rate carbon-neutral Canada-wide delivery available.


    Packaging Options:

    1. Your own container: If you are picking up, bring a few empty reusable containers. For free local delivery, leave a few resuable containers outside your door or be available to receive at the delivery location. This option is not available for Canada-wide delivery. 
    2. Compostable recycled paper bag: The paper bag is breathable and will not protect coffee from moisture or water. We highly recommend transferring to an airtight container as soon as possible. Compost the paper bag afterwards. 
    3. Glass jar without labels: This is a good option if you don't have an airtight container at your place and if you are planning to reuse this jar.
    4. Glass jar with paper labels for gifting: This is a good option if you are gifting this coffee to your loved ones. We use 100% plastic-free and tree-free gift packaging. Monica is a professional craftsperson. She loves gift packing :) 
  • brew and tasting guide

    In the morning's hush, coffee whispers more than just caffeine's touch. It's a mindful journey, a symphony of flavors unique to each cup.


    Our guide? Simply put: "Try it all." Be daring, be free.


    From French press hugs to Turkish tales, from gentle drips to espresso's fire, each method holds a key to joy.


    In every sip, our farmers' toil sings—a tribute to their craft, their love in every bean. As you, the barista, take each cup in hand, it becomes a sacred trust—to honor the journey from soil to cup, in each pour, in each brew, in every moment shared. So pause, slow down, drink without judgment, and let the warmth of each sip spread love both far and wide, resonating deeply within you, the barista.


    And amidst it all, let's celebrate the forests, guardians of our precious beans, capturing greenhouse gases, nurturing the very essence of our beloved brew.


    PS: Contribute your tasting notes via our Sustainable Coffee Passport.


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